Top 5 cities to visit in Mexico

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Mexico’s cities can at times be overwhelming with the amount of things to do and see, but take a deep breathe and brave through. Once you get to the other side, you will be happy you did it.



A flourishing fishing community, this resort / traditional colonial city is named the “Pearl of the Pacific.” With 16 long miles of beautiful sandy beaches, I think we can see where it get’s it’s name klaviernoten für anfänger download kostenlos. If the stunning beaches don’t draw you in, the Plazuela Machado, the refreshed historical centre, will captivate you with its 19th century buildings and esplanade sprinkled with monuments. This is the largest shrimp producer in the Pacific so don’t miss out on ordering a delicious shrimp inspired Mexican meal. If possible, planning you’re trip around Carnival will make you an attendee at the largest Carnival celebration in the entire country fotos von onedrive auf ipad herunterladen.



Taking a stroll on the streets of Oaxaca is an experience alone. Tranquil vibes stream out of the Spanish Colonial buildings and the atmosphere is refreshing despite being in a large city. While you’re here, there are a few notable landmarks that are a must see. Around the outskirts of the city is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Monte Alban freemail. These are some of the most revered and awe-inspiring ruins you will see in Mexico and even in Latin America. Grab a tour guide so you can really get the history behind these ancient structures. You can climb some of the structures to get a better view from up top, but you are not allowed to enter any of the tombs that are within.

Around 13km out of the city is the largest tree base in the world wie kann ich kartenspiele herunterladen. Dating over 1400 years ago, the Arbol del Tule is unlike any other tree you have seen. Continuing on the road you were just on will take you to Mitla, and here you explore ancient tombs and other significant Zapotec religious sites in the area. Lastly, the sites of Yagul are probably the least visited of the sites mentioned here, however they give an original feel about them for this reason. They are rural ruins that resemble the way they may have looked many years ago herunterladen.


Mexico City

Welcome to the largest city in North America. Unlike many urban cities, this megalopolis is surrounded by tall mountains and volcanos like Ajusco, Iztaccuhautl, and Popocatepetl, so there is more than just large buildings to admire here. The old Aztec capital has plenty of culture to offer you and is actually holding the number one spot for having the most number of museums in the world samsung galaxy a5 mms. One of the most popular and best on Earth is the National Museum of Anthropology.

Another top on the world’s list of places is the Plaza de la Constitución, or Zócalo. This is one of the world’s largest squares and is home to many historically significant buildings like City Hall and La Catedral. La Catedral is the largest in the Americas and it’s bright and shiny alter is made of pure solid gold windows 10 free 2019. Holding the monument representing the independence of the country is Angel de la Independencia or “El Angel.”

Another amongst the world’s largest is their university, Ciudad Universitaria. It is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and hosts some impressive buildings.

There is a Six Flags Theme Park, heaps of fanatical sporting events, parks sprinkled throughout the city, and many annual celebrations that you will hopefully catch while travelling through the magnificent city roblox downloaden op laptop.



So close, yet feels so far from the US border is the city of Ensenada. This fishing and cruising port is the bread and butter for the city because it’s the sole deep-water port in the state of Baja California. Here you can experience some world-famous surfing like on the island of Todos Santos and bask under the hot Mexican sun at the private beaches of Estero or Mona Lisa song from spotify. The next notable activity in the area is the wineries. Set up an appointment to taste the great blends of a crisp white or rich red. Lastly, if you’re up for an adventure, there are hiking and nature paths to be tackled nearby.



One of the largest cities in the country has a number of sites to see. The Guadalajara Cathedral is a must see with it’s piercing points jetting in the sky and interesting architecture that’s a fusion of gothic and neo-classical age of empires 3 free full version. There is a mural called “The Assumption of Blesses Virgin” that’s the highlight of this cathedral. Grab a bite to eat on the Plaza of the Crosses, visit the Instituto Cultural Cabañas to see the UNESCO World Heritage Site of this cultural and artistic centre, and catch a mariachis performance at the Plaza de los Mariachis. You can even see a bull fight at the Plaza de Toros. With so much to offer, this grand city is worth a stop over.

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