There’s no theatre like London theatre

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There’s no theatre like London theatre

I have been lucky enough to see theatre shows all over the world – Broadway in New York herunterladen? Check. Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City? Of course. Buenos Aires the home of theatre? You bet. But there is just something about coming home to London and seeing a theatre show that just captures me every time, and not just because I couldn’t understand much of the language in Mexico or Argentina herunterladen!

Going to a theatre show should be much more than just another show, it is a proper occasion, a day out and hopefully, if the theatre is great, something that will live long in the memory; I still find myself reminiscing to some of the performances I witnessed in Mexico especially videos von seiten herunterladen.

So when I do find myself back home in London, what better way grab the opportunity to explore the city than to head to the West End and immerse yourself in one of the world’s greatest cities, and some of the world’s greatest theatre shows herunterladen.

The West End is the theatre capital of London, home to around 40 theatres, you will always find a performance for you – whether that is a play, a comedy, a musical, you can pick up a ticket in Leicester Square and you are on your way Buy and mac games online. One of my favourite things to do in London is to head to the ticket office with no plan, no theatre on my mind, and just pick a random show – you will be surprised how often these random shows end up stealing the show ebook gratis downloaden epub!

west end

For anyone new to London, you can always head to one of the classics: an evening watching Billy Elliot perhaps audio von youtube downloaden iphone? Or an afternoon with Jersey Boys? How about the sing-a-long fest of Thriller Live?

For anyone with the experience of theatre in London, I have something else for you…

Looking to go one better than just watching a performance windows xp download kostenlos vollversion deutsch 32 bit? What about finding out what it’s like to be an actor in London? How about living a day in the life of your favourite character? Well that is now possible; thanks to Star for a Day where you can find out all of the above, and even download real day-to-day life itineraries to bring the big screen to your own reality verschiedene mauszeiger zumen.

War Horse is currently the first show to be features in the Star for a Day itineraries, and gives you the opportunity to live a day in the life of Albert Narracott, a young boy forced to sell his beloved horse during the First World War kostenlos autocad 2010 downloaden. But be warned, a day in this life before the evening show is sure to stir up some emotion, some wartime spirit, and leave you without a dry eye in sight come climax of the evenings performance.

I don’t know about you, but I am certainly looking to get into my acting groove: next stop, the West End.

And if I haven’t sold you just yet, meet me there and I will get the first round of drinks after – it is London. After theatre drinks in London you say? I know, I know, I’m as English as they come.

See you there!

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