Escape to Mexico for Christmas

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Escape to Mexico for Christmas

After living in Mexico for two years, it is probably about time that I wrote a little bit about my experience of Christmas in Mexico, after all, winter is officially upon us mario kart free download for mobile.

If you are thinking of giving a little Christmas present from you… to you, what better way than to treat yourself to a bit of winter sun zoom cloud meeting herunterladen? And what better destination than Mexico?

From the sandy beaches in Cancun, to the history offered in the cultural capital city, Mexico offers everything you could imagine in one country windows 7 iso download deutsch kostenlos vollversion. And best of all? December see’s climates that most of us Brits would consider t-short, flip flops and socks weather – we are British after all.

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First thing you need to know about Christmas on this side of the world s oliver app herunterladen? It’s totally different to London in every way imaginable! I mean… no Christmas roast? No Yorkshire puddings? No stuffing? It definitely took a bit of time to get over that need for speed carbon herunterladen! But don’t worry; the food in Mexico will have you feeling just the same affects as you do from a traditional British Christmas dinner.

I’m used to spending my Christmas Eve in a fit of excitement, sleeping early, watching out for Santa, and waking up at ridiculous o’clock to open my presents on the morning of the 25th followed by a day of eating, eating, and a little more eating with the whole family at my house firefox addons.

In Mexico, and I kid you not, the 25th is almost a ‘normal’ day – I mean normal as the city is empty during the day as everyone will be at home nursing one hell of a hangover following the huge party on the 24th, naturally with lots of tequila fotos downloaden itunes. It is customary to see people still in bed come 1-2pm on December 25 before gathering later on in the day to divulge from everything that happened the day before herunterladen.

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Now the 24th, well, where do I begin herunterladen? The 24th is one of the busiest days of the year for Mexican families. Parents will be cooking all day, all day! Tamales, Turkey, pork, buñuelos (a dough type sugary treat), you might even find a few pinata’s along your way – the preparation is in full affect from the crack of dawn for the night’s activities and celebration herunterladen.

Around about 8pm family will start arriving, food gets eaten, and the real party starts – Mexican punch, tequila, cerveza’s, music, arriba’s, you name it. You might think that the children would head off to bed to wake up early to open their presents? Nope. Presents are opened in Mexico just after 12am, a tradition no matter how young the kids are, some might even get in a little power nap just to be in tip-top condition for the destruction of wrapping paper.

So, presents opened, a whole day of eating and drinking – time for bed right? Again, nope. The drinking can continue well into the am – 2am, 3am, it’s a long day indeed.

So there you have it – Christmas in Mexico – one of the most wonderful and strange experiences I have encountered throughout my two years here. As for Christmas this year? Well, Mexico, I look forward to it and with two years under my belt, I’m a bit of a veteran ready for anything you are ready to throw at me – bring it on!

I have spent Christmas in two destinations in Mexico – Mexico City, and Playa del Carmen. Whether you decide to go for the historic city, or the beautiful beach – there is no denying that Christmas in Mexico is an experience that will last long in the memory – Feliz Navidad everybody!

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