Top 10 things to do in Mexico

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With so many things to list, there are plenty that are not named here. However, here is a great selection of things to do in some of Mexico’s most well known places, and perhaps, not so well known…


1) Copper Canyon

This canyon is larger and deeper than the neighbouring famous Grand Canyon if you can imagine that! Unlike any of the major cities and beaches you have just visited, the lifestyle out here moves at a lot slower pace. Trek these mountains and you will be rewarded with a number of amazing sites microsoft updates lassen sich nicht herunterladen. Make sure to say ‘hello’ to the Raramuri Indians who are native to this area. The least toured area of the canyons are the Candamena Canyons, and don’t leave without seeing the tallest waterfall in the country, Piedra Volada Falls. Near Creel, the town that you will likely pass through to get here, are a compilation of hot springs to dip your body in after checking out this impressive canyon.


2) Campeche

See the historical Campeche and learn about this significant fishing port that was used between New Spain and America herunterladen. With pink, yellow, and blue faded facade buildings strolling these streets of the Old Town that has been decently preserved, you might be surprised to find out these buildings were used to protect against pirate attacks. The old forts that were used as a lookout for these rebels are now available for you to explore and revel in the history. Check out the museums, the watchtower and the Puerta del Tierra for a fantastic light show that will tell you all about the pirate tales and other sea conflicts that happened in this spot.


3) Guanajuato

Meaning “Place of Frogs,” this unique city is considered by many as one of the most beautiful cities in the country herunterladen. Set on a hilly terrain there is hardly a flat spot around. Despite the slanted city, the fact that there are an array of underground tunnels that are used as roads truly make this place one of a kind. Strolling around the hilly and colourful streets are an adventure alone, but while you are walking around be sure to stop at one of the many museums such as Museo de las Momias. This mummy museum will be sure to give you the creeps but enlighten at the same time. A preserved Mexican residence is at the Casa Diego Rivera, and for a collection of rich minerals, the richest in the world in fact; the Museum of Mineralogy is quite interesting samsung galaxy s5 mini mail herunterladen.

For great views of this city head up to the top of the mountain that has signs for Pipila. If you are feeling a bit lazy, taking the funicular will be a nice ride up. It’s near the statue of Pipila. The central plaza, Jardín de la Unión, usually has something fun going on at night and the nightlife scene will be an experience to remember.


4) Puebla

One of the oldest cities in Mexico, this cultural hub is a colonial masterpiece showcasing a large historic centre to explore kostenloses autorennen herunterladen. There are Baroque and Moorish cathedrals to check out and interesting museums to go and learn more about the city at. In the background of this city you will see the magnificent Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl. These two resident volcanoes will make a nice dramatic vista as you set down noshing on the famous mole poblano or chalupas, Pueblas claim to fame. Should you be here on the 5th of May, get ready for the ultimate Cinco de Mayo celebration of your life.


5) Merida

There is ancient Mayan history gushing through this city as the actual city was built from the limestone bricks that once upheld the old city that was here aimbot fortnite for free. Merida is an excellent mix of colonial meets contemporary Mayan with charming mini plazas dotting the streets and Euro-designed architecture on the narrow alleys. This city is the hub for finance and culture for the entire Yucatan Peninsula. Besides Mexico City, there are the oldest Spanish gates as a historical reminder as what once stood here.


6) Chichen Itza

Considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World is this magnificent piece of ancient architecture herunterladen. The size, the detail, it will blow you away. There are multiple structures here, the most popular being El Castillo Kukulkan Pyramid. The intricacies, the 365 steps, and sheer accuracy in the structure is astonishing. Next is the Mesoamerican Ballcourt which is the largest Mesoamerican Ballcourt in the Mayan world. There is a grouping of Thousands Columns, which speaks for itself. The El Caracol is the Observatory they used to analyse the stars in the sky, and there is also La Inglesia which is a church with elaborate details of the Mayan gods as well as animals microsoft picture publisher download kostenlos. There are more sites to see here so take your time.


7) Palenque

Spread over 15sq kilometres are ancient Mayan ruins dating back to 600 and 800 AD. You will be spending a day exploring the central acropolis, which is the only part of this temple that’s excavated. The site is beautiful but you will certainly be hot and tired by the time you are done so just head to the Mishol-Ha waterfall where you can take a nice and cool quick dip.


8) Teotihuacan

Welcome to some of biggest ancient pyramids on Earth. These are the obvious attraction here so be prepared to go pyramid exploring all day kostenlos hacker programmeen. The Temple of the Sun is the largest and provides amazing views of the mountain ranges that surround it. Keep in mind the Temple of the Sun is called that for a reason, wear your sun lotion and bring lots of water. The Temple of the Moon is the medium sized temple, and the most sacred of the complex is adorned with serpent heads and is called The Temple of Quetzalcoatl. If you want to learn more about the history, the Museo Teotihuacan is certainly worth a visit.


9) Tulum

Located on the Yucatan Peninsula is this diamond of a place photoshop elements 5 download for free. Here you can enjoy history and the beaches at the same time. This is where the Mayan Kings once worshiped and it’s here for you to explore. There are archaeological sites set right on the beautiful beaches here. It’s wise to get to the sites for sunrise for a number of reasons. First, it will be a spectacular site, and second, you can avoid the tour buses coming in for the day. Tulum is actually three separate sites, so make sure to check all of them out. While here, if you are up for more adventure, snorkelling, diving, kitesurfing, and numerous other water ports can all be had here. Last, but certainly not least, after your adventures you have earned a spot on the stunning beaches here in Tulum.


10) Cozumel

For some top scuba diving action, Cozumel is your spot. This is one of the most famous spots in the Western Hemisphere to plunge down and swim with the marine life so get certified and get to diving! If you’re not up for going deep then snorkelling is just as nice on these waters. Just head to the west side of the beach where there are some rocks and you can find some nice coral and fish there. After a day out at sea, you might need somewhere to relax. Luckily, you don’t have to go too far, the beaches are the best place to let loose and relax to sound of the water crashing on the shores of this world-famous beach.

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