Christmas in London – take me back!

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Christmas in London – take me back!

Christmas time anywhere in the western world is generally awesome, everyone seems to be in high spirits and the big cities seem to make an effort to turn on the cheer herunterladen. London is certainly no exception to the rule, forget the rain soaked London of spring when everyone twitches impatiently for the brief respite of summer, forget the sweltering days and exhaust fumes of summer and definitely forgo the drear and bone chill of the autumnal months, Christmas is the time to go video stream herunterladen firefox. Christmas in London is without a doubt one of the best times of year with its twinkling lights, elaborate window displays and utter charm. Take a look at these reasons to sack of summer in the city and wait until the calendar windows start to peel back in the countdown to the capitals biggest event of the year download the sims.


People seem happy

The British aren’t known for their cracking grins, the sound of laughter and the ability to let their hair down request to short-time worker's allowance. In fact letting your hair down on the isles can mean adding an extra lump of sugar to your tea- crazy stuff so you better be careful! Yet there is something about the sound of sleigh bells that keeps everyone feeling a little more joyful and the energy that surges through the streets can be quite contagious Star wars 9 free. Also seeing a Londoner smile truly is a rare event and one to tick off your bucket list. Of course the closer you get to the big day the more those happy go lucky grins turn into more panic stricken grimaces as the race to get the shopping done comes down to buying a box of chocolates at the petrol station herunterladen.

London last Christmas

London last Christmas


There are loads of lights

I’m always a sucker for fairy lights and London is literally littered with them come the seasonal month schriftart indesign herunterladen. At every turn you will see oversized Santa’s and reindeer glowing, blinking lights and Christmas trees strangled by glitter and glow, and the result is really quite stunning and actually makes London look like a very pretty city indeed trauermusik herunterladen. Then there’s always the fun of catching B list celebrities switching on the lights as everyone cheers along and booing B list celebs is always a great time in itself wget zertifikat herunterladen.


There seems to be less rain

Eleven out of the twelve months you will get wet in London, and in fact you ate best sticking an umbrella to the end of your arm to save forgetting it and getting caught in a downpour every time you step out of the door komoot karten downloaden. Yet for some reason the month of December tends to be quite lovely. The clouds clear, the sky turns blue and a patch of sun even manages to crack through. Of course it is still as cold as the Baltic Sea outside but at least there is some relief from being soaked right down to the bone.


The food is awesome

If there is one reason to hit London town when Christmas rolls round it has to be the food. I am a non-recovering food junkie and the very idea of roast potatoes, glazed turkey, syrupy cranberry sauce and endless wheels of cheese does something indescribable to my brain. The British may not be known globally for their gourmet food extravaganzas but amidst the seasonal cheer they really do pull the stuffing out the bag so to speak.


Did I mention mulled wine?

Along with fab food you also get to hit the Christmas markets and let the ruby red delights of mulled wine warm the cockles of your heart. Christmas markets and mulled wine really do go hand in hand. The pop up markets that hit London offer all kinds of magical goods and handcrafted prezzies that re perfect for putting under the tree. You can also enjoy a fresh hog roast and a ladle of hot wine to get you through before the pub opens.


The pantomimes

Who doesn’t love a good pantomime? Ok don’t answer that question. But seriously where else can you see burnt out soap stars standing in their pantyhose on stage and heckle them. Heckle; he’s behind you – all the same thing really. Sure a pantomime isn’t exactly the cultural experience of the year, it’s not going to win a Nobel peace prize, and it certainly isn’t going to earn you any more brain cells but it is all a bit of harmless fun and the kids seem to love it.

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