Top 10 things to do in Thailand

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Don’t you dare leave Thailand without checking off these top 10 things to do first! There are far more than 10 and maybe you will find another must-do to add on the list, but these places and activities are at the top to experience while visiting the spectacular country of Thailand.


Marvellous Massages

Who can say “no” to a massage? Pretty much nobody. Especially when it will only set you back $6+ depending on which one you get play for free download puzzle. $6-$8 in most places gets you a nice and relaxing oil massage, a traditional Thai massage or even a head, back, neck, and shoulders massage for one whole hour. In most Western countries the tip alone is over $6 so to say that this is a bargain is still an understatement. The next best part about massages in Thailand? Massage shops are everywhere. When I mean everywhere, I mean everywhere! Just turn the corner and the next thing you know, you will be blissfully at peace kostenlose ego shooter download.


Dining High in Bangkok

You’re hungry, thirsty, and at the same time ready for something a bit more than the average place to wine and dine at. What is one to do? Most people would give up and just go to the their local eatery, but while in Bangkok, you have a few more choices. The skybars in Bangkok are unprecedented. From some of the tallest skybars on Earth like Sirocco, the world’s highest open air bar, Vertigo and Moon Bar soaring over 60 floors, to heaps of others all providing fantastic Bangkok city views videos von whatsapp status herunterladen. The best time, however also the busiest, is before sunset so you can get the sunlit vistas while shortly after the sun has said goodbye,  the city night lights light up the sky. Besides great photo opportunities, the drinks and service are impeccable, and you will pay for it. It’s alright though- It’s totally worth it.


Climbing Krabi

The Krabi region is absolutely breathtaking to say the least. Dramatic karst mountains sprinkle nearly the entire province and provide beauty and adventure herunterladen. Take on the challenge of climbing up the rocks that stud this area while enjoying the absolutely stunning scenery behind you of blue waters and white sands. There are places all over the region including the popular island, Koh Phi Phi, as well as Railay, Ton Sai, and more. Choose your spot and climb away. There are places for beginners to expert. Belay, bouldering and deep water free-climbs are all possible.


Full Moon Party Madness, Koh Phangan

You love to party like a rockstar and watching the sunrise before hitting the pillow appvalley herunterladen. If this is you, the ultimate party is on Haad Rin beach in Koh Phangan every month, and it goes on after the sun comes up. Neon body paint, bright tank tops and shorts, an entire bay pumping music, and alcohol literally by the buckets. What else can make the entire party better? Actually, there is one thing. Being on a wicked cool beach directly in front of the full moon and watching it go over you only to welcome the sun back a mere few hours later. Besides an epic party, this island is beautiful and provides many other activities to enjoy.


Caught up in Kanchanaburi

In the city of Kanchanaburi and around there are activities to fill up a few days download bilder kostenlos. To start, the infamous Death Railway to Myanmar is seen here along with the Bridge Over the River Kwai. There is the JEATH War Museum and other historical sites and galleries to learn about the action here during WWII and more. After your history lesson, cool off at any of the gorgeous waterfalls in the area. Erawan Falls is the most visited and impressive of the bunch providing 7 unique and pretty tiers which you can climb to the top of. There is a Tiger Temple where you can visit and touch tigers, and elephant camps to interact with the gentle giants.


By the Bucket Full

Whiskey and beer are drank and enjoyed by many in Thailand so have a seat or dance on the dance floor and have few herunterladen. Here you can sit back at a beach bar on the islands, have a drink at the random food stall in the middle of the road, toss one back at a posh club, or even at a new friends house. It’s super cheap and offered nearly anywhere. It’s a great way to meet friends, whether you’re looking for a traveling foreigner to chill with on Kaosarn Road, or a local to befriend over a whiskey bucket at the night market.


Taste Pai

Pai is a charming town just three hours North of the large city of Chiang Mai. People either ignore Pai or make it an absolute point to go apps downloaden via samsung. The one thing that happens to people who come is they tend to stay longer than anticipated. This spot in the mountains provides tons of nature to soak in and enjoy. Visit a few waterfalls, swim with an elephant in the river, teeter over the canyon, and more. The only downfall of visiting Pai is the windy and stomach turning 3 hour drive through the mountains.


Trekking Khao Yai

Khao Yai is Thailand’s first national park and some of it is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site herunterladen. There are numerous spilling waterfalls including Haew Suwat Waterfalls which was featured in the movie “The Beach.”  There is lush jungle to trek through on various routes that are guided by English speaking rangers. Keep an eye for wildlife all around you. If you want to take it to the next level feel free to rent all the camping gear needed and stay as long as you would like. There also is a night safari where you can get a glimpse of all the nocturnal critters that are out and about.


Swimming Similian and Surin Island

Granite islands set out north of Phuket are an oasis for any diving obsessed person herunterladen. This is one of the most beautiful sites to dive in Thailand, SE Asia and possibly the world. Diving to the depths of these waters can bring you face to face with some fascinating marine-life such as leopard sharks, cow tail rays, whale sharks, hundreds of kinds of fish and vibrant corals. Visibly here is sometimes over 40 meters deep in these pristine waters of the Andaman Sea.


Munching on the Street

This you can do anywhere and everywhere in Thailand, and it is an absolute must. I don’t care if you are weirded out by the food sold in the street markets. Not only is it the cheapest food around, it’s the best tasting and most authentic Thai food you will eat. Get over the fear and start munching down on whatever you see. Don’t know what it is? Whatever. Try it. It probably cost less than $1 anyway so gather a few friends, buy some random street food, and chow down! Promise you will love most of what you get.

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