Top 5 cities to visit in Turkey

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Touring Turkey can be challenging with the mile long list of places to go brother drivers download. While meandering through the country there are a few spots of interests that are a sin to miss though. These 5 cities should certainly be at the top of that list of yours spiel spore kostenlosen.



The second largest city and the capital of the country is Ankara. Here you can get a truck load of history and set your sights on some of the most historical and epic landmarks that Turkey holds music for free without registration legal mp3. Anitkabir, or “memorial tomb” is the mausoleum of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. This spot holds war paraphernalia, amazing views of the war fields, gorgeous ‘peace’ gardens and is an amazing place to be during national holidays amazon bücher kostenlos herunterladen. There is an impressive mosque called Cahi Bayram Mosque which is adorned with wooden ceilings and Kutahya tiles. Atakule Tower provides some spectacular views of the city and there are some great natural, historical, and other interesting museums to browse around autocad studentenversion downloaden.



One of the capital’s of tourism in the country is Antalya. The reason being is very simple, there is a wealth of history in the city and the beaches are awesome wo kann ich filme kostenlos downloaden ohne anmeldung. Pristine clear blue water and white sands merge together harmoniously to make an appealing vista as you sip on your fancy cocktail. This city has quality facilities to accommodate any who come herunterladen. There are historical buildings of interest like the old naval base, Attalia and various other ancient points of interest, that is, if you need a break from the sun free games without registration. One can of course expect a high-level dining experience with a lively nightlife waiting for you when you’re ready to party the night away.



A trip to Turkey is of course not complete without visiting the famous city of Istanbul swr mediathek clip herunterladen. You have heard about it, read about it, but nothing is quite like experiencing the diverse, amazing, historical and wonder of the ultimate city that is East meets West android 7.0 downloaden. The architecture alone is awe-inspiring. From the Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman Empire, it still remains here for your enjoyment. A great spot to see some of the city from a birds eye view is at the Galata Tower. There is of course the Blue Mosque which is adorned with a mind-boggling amount of individual and unique blue tiles and the street markets on the winding roads of the city.



Located in the spot that connects the Aegean and Marmara Seas and also connected by both the Asian and European continents is the city of Canakkale. This holds a spot that you might have heard of before, a little place called Troy. This is the spot where it’s believed that the mythological war of Troy happened. There is the Trojan Horse here near the harbour that was used in the movie “Troy” as well as other points of interest and museums.



This city was the first major city during the Ottoman Empire and even became the capital until 1365. It’s the fourth largest city and is near some of the best winter sport mountain ranges in the country. Uludag is one of the popular centres for kicking up the powdered snow with the winter sport of your choice, as well as camping and trekking. There are mosques of interest like Ulucami, “great mosque” which was erected in the early Ottoman Period. There is also the Green mosque, Yesil Camli, which has a tiled covered tomb, tea gardens, and stunning views of the mountains and the Bursa valley. There are an array of Ottoman Empire tombs scattered about the city like the tomb of the first Ottoman sultan, Orhan Gazi Turbesi.

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