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Hello! Finally started updating this little travel blog of mine after more than a year of negligence… I know, I’m terrible.

First off, let me explain to you what I have been doing the last year or so:


I moved to Mexico gmx anhang herunterladen!

I have been living in Mexico since October 2012 – which probably explains why there hasn’t been much activity on this blog, enjoying life in the sun probably a little too much perhaps! I am currently living in Mexico City, a wonderful city full of colour and culture – a must see for anyone looking to travel to Mexico.


I started an online magazine ark game for free!

Ok now this is the real reason why my blog has been neglected. I founded and currently edit a successful online magazine. If you follow me on Twitter you are probably familiar with me banging on about it 24/7, but for those of you who are not, the magazine is called Yuppee Magazine and I think it’s pretty cool. We currently have over 700 writers for the site and things have been going rather well – which of course led to my time being taken up by Yuppee and Londoner Abroad dying a slow and painful death – but alas, no more thunderbirden kostenlos! I have vowed, or, just decided, that I am going to start updating this from now on with at least once weekly posts. So expect lots of travel guides, travel tips, and lots of stories about my adventures in the sun coming soon.


Ok, so this is what I have been up to in the last year. Now, let’s get to the point of this post – my travels for 2014.

I am planning quite a lot of travels for 2014; can anyone make the rest of the year go a little faster please herunterladen? Currently saving money until then, have a look at my travels for 2014:



UK – obviously, my Mum has promised to disown me if I don’t go home for Christmas this year after spending the last 3 years abroad for Christmas. So I will be going home at the end of November time, spending a lovely time at Christmas, probably being amazed at how much my nieces have grown and how fat my dogs have got, and then I am planning a little InterRail tour across Europe with a few flights mixed in-between beginning the end of January semesterticket uni münster herunterladen. I will be looking to go to, in no confirmed order: France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, and I will probably be cutting if off sometime around here, but if I can, I am hoping to maybe pop into the Czech Republic, Austria, and Croatia – we shall see.


Back to Mexico:

By my calculations, this should see us at around late February, early March 2014 time, in which I will be flying back into Mexico and spending a couple months just gathering my things reflecting on life, probably with a few cerveza’s in hand and planning my next steps across the globe bubble shooter download kostenlos.


Central and South American adventure:

Living in Mexico and not doing a little travel down through Central America and South America would be an absolute crime. So come around the end of April, I am planning on packing everything up into a backpack, saying adios to Mexico and working my way down the continent to Brazil – hopefully in time to catch the World Cup atmosphere which I’m sure is going to be pretty bloody awesome old firefox!

The current plan (subject to change of course) is to fly into Cancun and spend a week or so there relaxing on the beach, I like beaches. Then take a little bus journey down Mexico, stopping at Playa del Carmen and Tulum on my way to the Belize border where I will spend a few days in Belize before crossing to Guatemala, then on to Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. This completes the Central American side of the adventure!

Then we shall land in Colombia to visit an old work colleague – it’s good to have friends around the world treiber herunterladen windows 7! Take a little bus down to Ecuador and into Peru where Machu Picchu just simply has to be done – been on the bucket list for way too long for my liking. After that, naturally Chile would be next on the list followed swiftly by a trek into Argentina where I plan on spending a couple of weeks at least, been fascinated by Argentina for a while, lots to see and do there that’s for sure vimeo videoen. Paraguay and Uruguay are optional at the moment – perhaps if any of you have been to those countries you can give me the low down on whether I should go there?

And then… we have the big one – summer 2014 in BRAZIL. Ideally I would like to spend up to a month in Brazil, I would list all the things I want to see there, but it is getting late in Mexico, I’m hungry, and I haven’t got a spare 3 hours to write about Brazil kostenlos hörspiele downloaden legal. With it being the World Cup season, obviously prices are expected to be a lot more expensive, but that’s ok – I see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity. In fact, anyone who has been to Brazil and would like to pass on some tips and advice, feel free to get in touch.


Back to Mexico:

Ok so my Central and South American adventure is now complete – this should bring us to around June/July time where I will then be heading back to Mexico City to just spend some time in a familiar surroundings and count how much money, or pennies, I have left. I plan to be here for a few months to save a little more money and plan out the next BIG step for late 2014.


Moving to Asia:

Ahh I am so bloody excited for this! Asia is probably my number one continent to go and conquer. After a few months back in Mexico, the plan is to move to Asia around October 2014 time and spend a couple of years travelling through Asia. Very undecided on this – but I am thinking about landing in Thailand, probably Bangkok and then moving from there, spending a month in each city I like while working my way through: Malyasia, Singapore, Vietnam, China, Japan… etc. etc.  I would love to live in Japan – arguably my favourite country in the world!


So… there it is – my complete travel plans for 2014. Quite a lot, but doable, and manageable, 2014 should shape up to be quite the year I’d say!

Do you have any travels planned for 2014? Have you been to any of the above-mentioned countries? Let me know – give me some advice. Follow me on Twitter @RickyCarbis and let’s have us some travel talk!

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  • Charlie Mace says:

    Sounds like you have an amazing year ahead of you! Looking forward to all of the updates. One question…how do you do it? Do you work your way round etc?

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