Backpack vs Suitcase – what do you take when you travel?

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Backpack vs Suitcase – what do you take when you travel?

Long has the overstuffed backpack dripping with dirty trainers been a hallmark of the traveller whereas the chic little wheelie case has been a firm friend of the business entrepreneurs and the half term holiday makers. Now it’s time to throw all those old stereotypes out of the window and to focus on which mode of baggage is actually the best.

First of all it’s important to realise that whether you drag a case behind you or whether you walk like a hunchback under the weight of a backpack, you are going to be looked upon as a foreign entity in a new country herunterladen. The backpack is synonymous with wide eyed, fresh out of college, over exuberant and often skint North Americans treading solid ground in Europe for the first time. They clutch their InterRail ticket in their hand and declare that everything is awesome.

The suitcase tends to be identified with the slightly overweight, Hawaiian shirt wearing, socks and sandals type of traveller who has a package holiday to the blazing heart of Benidorm booked or perhaps that glitzy glam kind of traveller whisking their case away for a weekend shopping in New York iphone 8 klingelton herunterladen. So either way whatever you carry, lug, drag, or fall over with – you can bet that you will look like you don’t really belong so are best selecting the most practical option.

Let’s take a look at the backpack first. Bursting with straps, endless space and a zillion pockets, the backpack comes in very handy for uh… backpackers herunterladen. If you are off on your own adventure to the heart of the Peruvian jungle or even just to Paris for the weekend, then the backpack can either be your best friend or your worst enemy.



The best things ever about backpacks

Hardy travellers will know there are many amazing benefits to the backpack musik app android kostenlos legal. First of all you won’t look like a serial killer when you stand at the side of the road trying to hitch a ride with a backpack; you will look legit.

You can skip up the stairs in the train station past those travellers wheezing and battling with their not so convenient now wheelie suitcase as they try to lug it to the top xbox 360 apps downloaden. Okay you probably won’t be skipping at all, in fact you will be gripping the handrail and praying that you don’t fall backwards and end up like an upside down turtle.

Why backpacks will make you want to throw yourself off the Eiffel tower

Trying to find that spare pair of socks in a thunderstorm but don’t know which of the gazillion pockets you stashed them in herunterladen? Yup welcome to life with a backpack. You will find yourself lost in the maze of zips and straps and pockets and then you will need to strew all your stuff across the pavement to get to your socks. With a backpack you can expect to pack and repack about fifty times a day.

On sultry summer days your t-shirt and your backpack will become moulded to your skin and you will find your fate fused together and wish that you had the cool breeze and freedom that a suitcase with wheels can offer geburtstagsständchen zum downloaden.



Cosmo style and the joy of suitcases

Staying cool and collected is a lot easier with a suitcase, especially if said suitcase has wheels. You will not have to huff and puff your way through the airport, you will not smack endless train commuters in the face with your luggage and you will not even have to break a sweat, unless of course there are stairs… or cobblestones instagram app pc.

Trying to find things in a suitcase is easy and odds are you will be less likely to wrinkle everything you own. All your precious belongings will be able to breathe easy and you don’t need to worry about digging into the centre of the earth to retrieve that beach book.

Why suitcases will have you abandoning everything you own

As soon as you get to a flight of stairs you will stand dumbstruck wondering what the hell it is you are supposed to do wie kann man ein video downloaden. Stairs and suitcases are certainly not friends; especially if you have jammed 35 kilos into a 20 kilo bag… have fun!

You may find that your suitcase simply loves to roll away on its own accord or come crashing down on some stranger’s foot on the metro.


So in short whatever mode of luggage you choose you can expect to have an ongoing love / hate relationship but that really is all part of travelling fun games for free skat! What are you? A backpack kinda guy? Or a suitcase person? Let me know in the comments below.

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