Travelling Tanya Mlynarczyk from sunny Vancouver, Canada

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Travelling Tanya Mlynarczyk from sunny Vancouver, Canada

Introduce yourself – Where are you from? Where in the world are you currently?

My name is Tanya Mlynarczyk and I’m from sunny Vancouver, Canada. First and foremost, I am a traveller adobe flash player download mac kostenlos deutsch. Secondly, I am the travel writer and marketer for BikeHike Adventures, a culturally focused, multi-sport adventure travel company with tours around the world.


2. Tell us about your first trip abroad? What first attracted you to a life abroad?

My first real trip abroad, besides camping in the US, was to Shanghai, China free play store. I went to be an interior design intern, even though I had no previous experience besides decorating my own apartment. I found out about the slight possibility of the opportunity on a Wednesday, had the interview on Saturday morning, and got the offer on Saturday evening. Unfortunately, it was the summer of SARS, so the four months was cut short to one and a half months. Add to that the culture shock and my first trip abroad really ended up being a ‘jump into the deep end’ kind of situation.  I had spent my childhood reading books about animals, people, and destinations around the world that really caught my imagination and instilled an intense desire to travel Certificate elster. Luckily, my stubbornness was not going to let one bumpy experience stop me from living the adventures that I had so far only read about in the pages of a book.



3 herunterladen. What kind of traveller are you? Backpacker? Long-term traveller? Short term? Other?

I am a non-discriminating kind of traveller. Basically, I will take any opportunity to travel, whether it be short or long-term, backpacking or luxury, group or self-guided. If someone wants to send me travelling, they automatically become my new best friend. My only restriction is that I would prefer to go someplace I haven’t been before herunterladen. There are so many amazing places in the world that it is hard to justify a trip that only goes to previously visited locations (one or two repeats are okay if they are supplemented with new destinations). There is a good chance I will be going to Costa Rica this year and I am actually a bit disappointed. Although I loved Costa Rica, and I haven’t seen everything there is to see, I have been and would much rather go someplace like Ecuador or Panama herunterladen.


4. How do you fund yourself when travelling?

I funded my travels for over 5 years by working seasonally on cruise ships in a position that allowed a decent amount of time off in ports. I then saved money from that job and a part-time job at home to travel on my own in Europe, North Africa and South America. Now I get BikeHike to fund my travels Music download youtube.


5. Your favourite place you have been to? And why?

Although I never like to play favourites, if I had to choose one, I’d probably choose Venice. It is almost unexplainable as to why I love it so much, but it all began with a single Mary Hoffman novel set in an alternate world version of 16th century Venice herunterladen. From there something just caught and I’ve been hooked ever since, to the point that it is one of the few places I don’t mind returning to.



6. Your least favourite place you have been to? And why?

I’d say Jamaica, because I was only in Ocho Rios for a short port and wasn’t terribly impressed with what I saw download the whole internet. However, I only saw a small part of the country, so I would have to explore more before I could make a final decision. I did love the jerk chicken, but that was about it.


7. What advice would you give to other people looking to travel?

The one thing I would advise everyone looking to travel is to go and do it ich will kostenlos musik downloaden. Any further advice will depend on the person and situation. I love to give ideas, hints and tips to potential travellers, but there are so many that I really need to know more before spewing random advice.


8. What is left on your bucket list for you to accomplish/see?

Besides way too many things? Let’s see: Iceland, Antarctica, Galapagos Islands, everywhere in Asia besides Shanghai, African safari, swimming with sharks, climbing Kilimanjaro … as soon as something is knocked off the list, five more items are added.



9. When did you start your site? Why should people read it?

While I didn’t start my site, I did take it over almost exactly one year ago. People should read it if they are interested in active and cultural adventure travel.


10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

This is going to come as a huge surprise to everyone – I see myself travelling, what else? Ultimately I still see myself based in Vancouver, just spending a lot more time abroad.

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