Top 5 cities to visit in Thailand

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Going to Thailand are we? Well, if so, these 5 places should certainly be on your list and here is why…



How can you visit Thailand and not visit Bangkok fifa spiel kostenlos herunterladen? It’s probably impossible as you will likely need to fly in to the Bangkok airport at the least. So take a few days to soak in the complete madness that is Bangkok. This city is the most visited city on earth. Tall buildings, smoggy streets, honking, shopping, posh clubs, dirty bars, street food, sky bars, world’s largest weekend market, fine dining, tuk-tuk rides, whiskey by the bucket full, and the list goes on herunterladen.

Some of the must-do’s are: Try to get lost around a part of Bangkok, eat the local street market food, visit a beautiful sky bar before sunset, go to the Grand Palace, Wat Arun and some of the other holy and revered temples of the city, have a drink or 10 on the backpacker streets of Kaosarn Road, go to the posh clubs on Sukhumvit Road, visit MBK, Siam Square, or some other mega shopping centre, or whatever else you fancy when you get here. Don’t think New York is the only city that doesn’t sleep.


Chiang Mai

The second largest city in the country is Chiang Mai and is a popular destination on any tourist’s route herunterladen. Stop by here for the ultimate temple sightings. There are over 300 temples in this city alone, and it would be impossible to walk down the streets without passing at least two or three of them. One of the most popular and beautiful temples in China Mai, and possibly the country, is actually in the mountains just outside the city. Hidden up in the forest is Doi Suteph ps4 update 6.02 cannot be downloaded. From up here you can see all of Chiang Mai and admire the beautiful Buddhist temple perched amongst trees on the mountainside.

The food here is some of the best and the choices are abundant. There are tours to go trekking in the nearby forests and other places outside of Chiang Mai. Accommodation is plentiful and the night-life is quite happening in certain areas as well hugo spiel herunterladen.



Just a mere hour north of Bangkok is the old capital of Ayutthaya. Here you can explore temple ruins from the days when this was the ruling capital. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and provides a vast amount of history. A nice bike ride around the city is perfectly doable in one day. There are the famous temples: Wat Mahathat, where there is a tree growing around a Buddhas head, Wat Ratchaburana, and Wat Thammikarat, just to name a few herunterladen. There are a few night markets and enough accommodation choices in the area.



Krabi is actually a province and there is plenty of dramatic scenery to soak up here. The town itself is nothing impressive, but offers a hub to get to the great beaches. From here you can hop on over to Ton Sai which is a decently remote part of the mainland, however only accessible by boat youtube video on computer. This is where skilled climbers or adventurous newbies come to scale heights with the most epic background possible. Railey beach is another beach accessible from Krabi town and is a paradise for climbers and beach bummers alike. Stunning coastlines with karst rocks jetting out of the ocean directly in front of you, epic snorkelling, and white sand beaches. You couldn’t ask for more filme auf deutsch downloaden. Koh Lanta is a famous little island in the south of Thailand also great for most beach and water activities. There are day trips to little island gems to dive and snorkel at, there are caves to explore, villages to visit and of course, sands to just soak up the sun. The Krabi province offers the beautiful beach backdrop that you see on a postcard from Thailand, so if you’re wanting to make your friend jealous with awesome photos this is spot herunterladen.



Many pronounce the ‘ph’ as an ‘f’ as we do in English, but this island is simply called Puu-Ket, just the way it looks. This spot is perhaps the most famous in the country. Everyone thinks of Phuket when they think of Thailand. Many flock here to bask under the sun, get nightlife that is nearly on the same level as Bangkok, and to soak up what Thailand has to offer app zum videos downloaden. Although you won’t get a true Thailand experience in Phuket, due to the immense development and catering towards tourism, it still seems to be a spot that many can’t over look. Here you can surf the waters of Patong and then just a mere few minutes away, get sucked in by the red lights, alcohol buckets, and blaring music in the town. Free-diving, snorkelling, sailing, and diving are a few more activities to do here. This will be one of the most expensive spots in the country to enjoy your time in, and it’s the largest island in Thailand. Plan your budget and route accordingly so you have time to make it to all the rest of the amazing places Thailand offers for more culture rather than beach partying.

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