Am I a Gringo?

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Am I a gringo if I am from London star stableen zum installieren?

I really don’t know. What exactly is a gringo? I have been told that Americans are gringos? What about guys from London?

Ahh… anyway herunterladen.

I landed in Torreon safely after a pretty horrible two hour flight from Houston and I am absolutely dead tired, I had been flying now for over 17 hours straight and hadn’t slept in two days photoscape kostenlos downloaden deutsch windows 7. I just want to get out and get some sleep.

I take a look at the airport in Torreon – tiny. Really tiny.

I am waiting inside the arrivals/departures/pretty much everything the airport has to offer… room spiel 2048 herunterladen. You feel like a proper traveller when you are inside an airport that is smaller than some houses you have seen.

My bag arrives – it is broke into many different pieces google earth for free to download. The wheels are broke; the handle is nowhere to be seen. The plastic casing has been replaced with lots of tape saying DELICATE. Delicate indeed. My other bag is in perfect condition wps writer kostenlosen.

So I am sitting there with 1 normal bag and 1 totally destroyed bag. How the hell am I going to move, I can’t carry both bags. But to my pleasure, having just literally landed in Mexico for my first ever travelling experience – the baggage handler decides to help me out massively rollercoaster tycoon 3 free download full version. The baggage handler shouts at me and tells me “Ey Gringo” and some other Spanish I don’t know, and then points to the direction where I should be going youtube converter kein video zumen. Cheers buddy!

Luckily one of the flight attendants sees me struggling and decides to help me move my bags out of the airport. Not the best way to start my life as a fully fledged traveller, but well things don’t always go to plan – especially in the travelling world.

Welcome to Mexico!


  • Kristen Gill says:

    Hey, hope your adventures lead you to some awesome places! Enjoyed reading your first few posts. It’s true, in the travel world, things hardly go as planned, so best to enjoy Plans B, C, and D. All the best!
    Kristen (who just returned from Mexico!)

  • Diana says:

    Haha, nice!

    No, you not a “Gringo” i’m mexican and my english it’s no very good.

    The mexicans tells to Americans: “Gringo” for many many time ago, but you’re a british boy.

    The British are best.

  • marcemars says:

    Well, you probably already know the answer to that, but, no, you are not a gringo, but you are most definitely a güero, just as Beck stated, ¿qué onda, güero?, just because you are white ;).

  • Manu Chavz says:

    Yeap, guero is correct. Gringo are americans, it comes from a long time ago. Brits are way cooler. Hope you had a good time in mexico, dude.

  • Stefanie Cano says:

    Too many years ago the USA Army came to Mexico, you know they wanted to take many things from here… well the people from Mexico obviously didn’t speak English. As USA Army uniforms are green and Mexicans just wanted to leave them alone, They started to scream them “Green, Go!” as GO AWAY FROM HERE!!!!! Thats why we use to call them gringo!! Little cultural fact! LOL 😉

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