Travelling Abroad: tip number 1

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British Passport

British Passport

This might sound a little obvious, but the first and most important tip you can get when you decide to go travelling, is to make damn sure that you have signed your passport and filled in all the emergency information correctly hier update herunterladen.

The old saying: “You can never be too careful” – don’t take advantage of this. When you are travelling to a foreign country and don’t know the rules and regulations etc adobe downloaden. of that country, you need to prepare in advance and like the article says, tip number 1: fill in your emergency information on your passport. You’ll thank me if something bad ever happens to you serie van netflix.

I have had stories of people getting arrested in Guatemala, being in hospital in God knows where, with no passport and no identification with no hope of contact to loved ones herunterladen. Trust me on this one – it is a simple thing, but affective at the same time.

Thankfully nothing so major has happened to me so far… let’s hope it continues that way eh adobe photoshop elements 11.



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  • It’s so funny that I happened to come across this because back when I was a bit younger – I managed to get all the way to Turkey on an out of date passport and then was subsequently sent home. It was incredibly embarrassing, and I can’t stress enough the importance of checking your passport because I would hate for anyone else to have to go through what I went through.

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