What’s better, A long haul flight or short haul flight?

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Short or long flights what is better

Short or long flights what is better

Personally for me, the short answer to this is the long haul flight lufthansa ejournals herunterladen. Now let me explain why.

Imagine, you just take your first EVER flight over two hours long, this was me 2 years ago on my way to Mexico, specifically to Torreon – a city in the north of Mexico zoom call. I had heard before that Torreon is not exactly the best place for a tourist but I was willing to give it a go, you know, try new things and all.

My flight took me from London to Houston and from Houston to Torreon driver for hp printer for free. I was just happy that my flight from London to Houston was an easy flight. This was my first ever long haul flight, I was nervous as hell. But my flight experienced hardly any turbulence, I even THOUGHT about getting up to use the toilet – how about that for confidence spiele herunterladen kostenlos pc? But I saw sense in the end and sat my ass back down.

But now, brimming with confidence from my successful long haul flight, it was time for my short haul flight from Houston to Torreon zip datei herunterladen kostenlos. Hell, after a 10 hour flight, a 2 hour flight to Mexico is nothing, Right?

This is where you will understand why I prefer long haul flights over short haul flights herunterladen.

We are boarding the flight to Torreon in the smallest plane I had ever seen – 1 seat – aisle – 2 seats. This was the layout of the plane patience app download for free. If I stretched my arms out I could probably touch both sides. Anyway, I thought it’s not a big deal – I have just done a 10 hour flight I pretty much feel like superman at the moment herunterladen.

And then the flight attendant says to the guy sitting in front of me: “Sir, would you mind moving to the front of the plane, we need to balance the weight of the plane or the plane WILL go down.”

Hmmm… adventsmotive kostenlosen. Yes he moved pretty quickly.

Even the flight itself was a horrible journey! Turbulence all the way through, shaky plane and a pretty shaked up Ricky sims 4 gratis downloaden ipad.

So let’s just say this has scared me since about taking short haul flights. Long haul flights I feel like a monster in the sky – nothing is going to rock that plane and I feel safer. Short haul flights, I feel like a paper aeroplane being blown all over the place in a tiny aeroplane.

Of course this is just my preference; you are all welcome to your own opinions, naturally.

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  • Meeah (Mia) says:

    wow and I thought I was the only one – the exactly same thing happened to me, earlier this year in April.
    My flight was London – LA (good 11 hours) and then I had a flight from LA to Phoenix, which was a bit over an hour.
    It was pretty much the same scenario; tiny plane shaking all the time – def the fastest landing I’ve ever experienced, the drop from 8 or 9 km up in the sky down to runway was way too rough for me 🙁
    I prefer long haul flights because there is no real alternative to an 11 hr flight, while for short haul flights (especially here in Europe) there is; e.g. Paris – Berlin, you can pretty much choose bus, train, plane or car.
    But no worries, I had many great short haul flights too 🙂

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