On the day of travel advice

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Ok, so the big day has arrived, you are sure you have packed everything netflix herunterladen auf pc. Your bag is at the door already waiting. You are excited; you just need to get to the airport and leave… right?

Well… maybe.

There is plenty of preparing to do for the day of travel too Download the card game solitaire for free. Don’t forget.


Here is my travel guide for preparing for the day of travel:

  • Make sure you have turned off all electrical appliances and plugs are not in use spotify only parts of a playlist.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are locked (Simple, I know)
  • Clean out the fridge of any items that will go bad before you come back adblocker google chrome for free.
  • If using locks on your luggage (Highly recommended) make sure you have the keys in a safe place.
  • Make sure your hand luggage is prepared – I would take: paracetamol, a book, IPod, water, tooth brush, and anything else you think you would need during your flight netflix folgen auf dem laptop downloaden.
  • Lastly – CHECK AND CHECK AGAIN that you have all your travel items – Passport, Tickets, Visa if necessary.


packing suitcase advice

packing suitcase advice

You don’t want to travel without checking a travel guide that you have all your necessary items and everything packed for travelling klassik pop et cetera herunterladen.

Remember, you can always leave me a comment on my travel blog, don’t be shy! I love to hear from you and share travel adventures and travel stories with you all.

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