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I went to Brighton for a weekend away with some friends… I will try and type up exactly what I remember of it – this post could be short tvthek sendung herunterladen.

Brighton is a seaside town in England for those of you who don’t know. Famous for its seagulls and Brighton Pier, and much more, there is also a beach, yes – a beach in England schnittprogramm gratis herunterladen!

Driving from London to Brighton can take anywhere from 2 hours to… well depending on traffic, who knows. Luckily for me and my friends, we got to Brighton in just over 2 hours sticky notes download for free. Eight guys, all 20 years old, away in Brighton for one night only, lovely.

Brighton Beach UK 300x163 Travelling to Brighton

Brighton Beach UK

We took a couple hours to walk around Brighton, take the tour of Brighton jahreskarte herunterladen. Must say I am a fan of Brighton as a town, small and compact but a lot going for it. I liked the laid back feel the Brighton, very different to life in London certainly disney plus herunterladen panasonic tv.

Me and my friends went out to a few bars and clubs, found that security in particular were not so friendly to “guys from London” as they said probleme beim herunterladen von pdf-dateien. I don’t know, maybe it is something I’m missing, but still we had a great time and great night in Brighton.

Accommodation in Brighton can be found cheap and cheerful; we stayed in a small Bed and Breakfast for around 15 pounds per person, lovely price to pay for the UK herunterladen. Plus I have the feeling that you can get even cheaper but we were happy to pay that. Food is what you would expect in the UK, good old fish and chips; I hate fish so just give me some chips thanks adobe pro dc herunterladen.

Most things in Brighton are within walking distance I found or a cheap taxi/cab ride away or you can always get on the bus. Travelling around Brighton is relatively easy compared to what I am used to in London stream from mediathek. Travelling in London is a nightmare.

Travel tips when travelling to Brighton – don’t under no circumstances, don’t ever go to Brighton without a jacket unless it is SUMMER, and not just British summer, I mean real summer herunterladen. I had no jacket, just 2 t-shirts, and I was freezing on Brighton beach the next day. At least my friends had fun watching me shivering as I ate my burger and chips on the seaside.

Overall I would say that Brighton is lovely town, despite only having a t-shirt, I really enjoyed my stay in Brighton and would highly recommend anyone visiting the UK to check out Brighton. It is close to London and offers something a lot different to the hustle and bustle of London.

So here is my little travel guide to Brighton. Hope you enjoyed it, remember you can always contact us to leave a little message; I am always interested to hear what you guys have to say.

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  • Lizzie says:

    Woo Brighton! (where I’m from :D) I personally find there’s not alot to do here and it sometimes gets quite claustrophobic how small it is! But there is a great nightlife, I’ll give it that.

    I didn’t realise it was so cold here though…. I thought we had a tropical paradise here on the southern coast!

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