Rain in London

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Why does it rain so much in London you have to dropbox? Really, why?

I have just experienced the most beautiful week in March in London, sun shining, t-shirts and shorts weather, sunglasses, even a bit of sunbathing icloud control panel voor windows downloaden. London can get no better when the weather is like this, I love it.

The following week/day we have torrential rain and I am soaked while getting some lunch pdf reader zumen. Welcome to London my friends. And what does the weather man predict for later this week? SNOW. How can we go from 25 degrees sun to snow in the space of a week bus und cable car simulator kostenlosen? The mind baffles.

Rain in London

Rain in London

Some would say that this is the beauty of London, sometimes I agree, if I was safely inside watching out of a window at all the people getting wet in the rain – probably I would have agreed herunterladen. But no, I was right out in the middle with my small jumper on, getting soaked. Ahh London, you got me! You cheeky little bugger you!

No umbrella, no jacket, I end back at home looking like I have just come out of the shower herunterladen. Oh London, it is a love and hate relationship sometimes.

All is not so bad though, the weather did prompt me into booking a little break away in the sunshine for Easter, and so I would like to say that I and London are pretty much even now spotify einzelne lieder herunterladen. No, I would like to say that I am winning, I like to win.

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  • Londoneya says:

    This was one of the main reasons I decided to leave the only home I’ve ever known and move to Egypt for a year. 99% sunny here! But I still miss many things about London, and it’ll always be my home.

    • Ricky Carbis says:

      This is also one of the main reasons why I am moving to Mexico this summer!

      But you’re right, I do love London. Try and stay in London at least 3 months of every year – preferably the summer months (Do we get summer months in London???)

  • Blue Trips says:

    Well, this is England and it’s even worse outside London which has a rather mild climate compared to the rest of the country.

    We might moan a lot about the weather here but to be fair, when the weather is nice, it’s really nice with an uninterrupted blue sky and soothing sun on your skin, for example the time when you mentioned you were in shorts and t-shirts. It makes you forget completely about the rain then.

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