My first time on a plane… kind of

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Skydive in England

Skydive in England

My first ever time on a plane was when I actually jumped out of a plane becker content manager.

I had never been on a flight or a plane at all before I was 18 years old. So what better way to experience your first in air moment by jumping out of a plane on a tandem sky dive herunterladen? That was my thinking anyway.

My first thoughts when looking at the plane itself, seeing the windows that looked as though they were held together with duct tape  – what had I got myself into herunterladen!

But once the plane was underway and up in the air, my nerves eased a little. My guide kept asking me if I am ok, if I really want to do it; I just nodded with a stubborn ‘YES of course I do, I’m cool and relaxed’ – I wasn’t video on the left.

Must admit I was pretty nervous, very nervous. Infact so nervous that I closed my eyes for the initial jumping out of the plane – how manly I can hear you saying postausgangsbuch kostenlos downloaden. But don’t worry, after the first few seconds I opened my eyes and enjoyed the ride. And what a ride!

It’s amazing to see the scenery around you as you plummet to the Earth herunterladen. I even had the opportunity to control the parachute myself once the chute had opened, albeit for 5 seconds – enough to call myself a professional skydiver I would imagine microsoft onedrive kostenlos.

I would have never thought at that age that I would be taking as many flights as I do nowadays, certainly in my mind that was my first and last flight ever. Scary and exhilarating – I would recommend anyone to experience a tandem skydive. Fantastic memory that will last a long time.


  • Holly says:

    Love the blog and site. You live the life I like to think I’d be living if I hadn’t settled into family life so early on! (We are instead planning to emigrate, but a long way off being able to afford to do so yet). I’ll be staying tuned… and living through you a little. 😉 Hope to see some more updates soon!

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