Top 5 cities in Argentina to visit

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Argentina is a fascinating and cultural mecca. It’s the largest Spanish speaking country in the world, and is home to some of the most famous football (soccer to you USA folk) teams, native music, love for beef, as well as legendary icons in history app für youtube videos herunterladen. While in Argentina, there are plenty of places to see and visit, all offering something new and amazing for you to enjoy. These five cities here should most certainly be on your list.


Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina, as well as one of the continents largest cities, is Buenos Aires. Meaning ‘good air,’ this urban playground is likely to be your starting point in Argentina download app windows 10. For a great shopping spree to get your trip started, head to San Telmo. This Sunday market is abundant in local goods at great deals. Check out the dance performances while in the area, and for a lively night out, check out the Palermo Viejo District.

La Boca has a nice walking street with handicrafts and art. Around the sector is a riverboat cruise in which you glide down the river; a perfect tour for the riverside buildings bilder links automatisch downloaden. However, La Boca is famed for their Tango dancers that prance the streets for your enjoyment.

While here, be sure to take a couple of tango classes yourself and check out a football game as well. Wine tours, skydiving, the Cementerio de la Recoleta, a famous cemetery, and heaps of other random places can be enjoyed here as well.



Known for its wine and the second highest mountain in the world, Mendoza is an excellent stop along your Argentinian adventure word herunterladen bereits gekauft. Here you can enjoy Parque San Martin, a massive park dedicated to nature lovers complete with a zoo, cycling and walking trails. Come here to catch the sunset at Cerro de la Gloria for epic views of the city and mountains.

Visit one, or many of the bodegas (wineries) and pick them up on their winery tour offer. Wine tasting would be an excellent way to spend the day, and night for that matter, especially when it’s at the epicentre of the Argentinian wine industry and world renowned paint schriften kostenlos downloaden.

One of the most spectacular squares in the city is Plaza Espana. With Spain and Andalusian inspired architecture and a lovely statue representing the Spanish colonisation, this is a nice place to have a stroll.

The highest peak on Earth, aside from the Himalayas, is Aconcagua. Trekking is the activity to do here, and you will be rewarded with stunning views from up top blutdruck tabelle herunterladen. If you’re not up for trekking, wandering around at the base of the park and admiring the enormity of the mountain from below will be a beautiful site as well.


Tierra del Fuego

Shared with the country of Chile, the eastern part of the archipelago is owned by Argentina. This old penal colony is now a busy town for tourists brimming with charming cafes, a casino, and plenty of activities for all to experience herunterladen. The main tourist city is Ushuaia and here you can enjoy stunning treks through glacial mountains. This city is supposedly the most southern city on Earth. There is a national park with day treks as well as multi-day treks, winter sports, and even diving. Don’t forget to check out the cute waddling penguins during your stay here mandalas zumen.



This colonial town surrounded by mountains is the second largest city in the country. Check out the impressive architecture of this city such as the oldest church in the country, Compania de Jesus, or the medieval gothic church of Inglesia Sagrado Corazon. There are colonial museums and buildings worth checking out such as Cabildo, as well as Ex Rector de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba.

Cordoba is known as ‘La Docta’ because the city is chock full of scientific institutes and universities hintergrundbilder laptop kostenlosen. Therefore the amount of museums and science and technology institutions to visit is staggering. If that’s your thing, you could post up here for weeks. This city also boasts a slew of parks to sit and relax at such as Parque Sarmiento featuring a zoo, and Parque se la Vida. A park with a nature reserve and a beloved football/soccer stadium worth visiting is Parque San Martin muss man zoom herunterladen um einem meeting beitreten. For a bit of shopping check out Paseo de las Artes, you can find neat handicrafts and art here.



The Andes must surely be on your list of places to visit while in Argentina, and the city of Bariloche is situated right at the base surrounded by serene lakes. This is the nature playground that you have been waiting for. With stunning views and plenty of things to do, you might want to stay for a while. If you are an outdoorsy person Bariloche is your spot. Come here to go hiking or cycling through the mountains. If you are a snow bunny, get those skis on and slope down the powdery white snow of the Andes. When it’s cold enough, ice-skating can be done on many of the lakes in the area. There are boat tours on the pristine lakes stopping in the middle of the awe-inspiring Andean rainforest, and even kayaking and horseback riding. It would be impossible to be bored here.

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