Argentina Food Guide

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While in Argentina, a traveller has got to eat right pdf xchange viewer download kostenlos deutsch? With their Italian and Spanish influences you can expect tasty choices of foods to choose from. With beef being a huge part of their cuisine you can enjoy a nice asado with your newfound mates or slap on some amazingly sweet dolce de leche on nearly anything you can imagine alle fotos von icloud herunterladen auf pc. Argentinian’s love eating and you will love eating their food. Be sure not to miss out on these top dishes.



Meat, meat, and more meat fortnite kostenlos download chip. Especially beef. This is the national dish of Argentina that usually consists of beef cooked on a open fire grill. The grill, “parrilla,” is often full of all kinds of meat visual studio 2013 kostenlos herunterladen. Asado is more than just a barbecue; it’s a gathering of friends of family and a pure example of Argentinian cuisine. Argentinian’s know their beef and you can always find it grilling up real nice at any gathering or even at most restaurants herunterladen.



You have probably heard of this dish and maybe have even tried if before. Is there really anything better than a pocket of dough stuffed with something delicious predigten zum downloaden? Not really. Empanadas would be sin to miss out on while in Argentina, and with a variety of stuffing’s there is really no excuse to not try it. Filled with sweet or savoury, your possibilities are endless herunterladen. Cheese, meats, vegetables, and fruits… the list continues. Popular mixtures are cheese and onion, and chopped beef. Of course, all fried to perfection burning series movies. If you’re trying to be healthy, baked empanadas are an option as well.


Dulce de Leche

Meaning “candy of milk”, this sweet and gooey product is rather versatile for many desserts wimmelbilder kostenlos herunterladen. Made into a solid candy to suck on, drizzled over toast or ice cream, a dip for fruit, or even made as a delicious layer in a cake. This caramelised milk and sugar mixture can get smothered on nearly anything your little heart desires youtube movie. It will be good, promise.


Tortilla Espanola

Translated to “Spanish Torte,” this consists of thinly sliced potatoes fried up with spices and caramelised onions. After all the veggies are cooked up, add the eggs making an omelette. That’s it for this scrumptious and rustic dish that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or even a side dish for dinner.



This is pretty much Argentina’s version of a schnitzel or chicken fried steak. It’s super simple and super yummy. Thin chicken cutlets are fried until crispy brown. To give it a bit more of a kick it’s common to add other items like ham, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese, this is called milanesa a la napolitana or milanesa a caballo which is simply adding a fried egg on top. Italians have left their mark here in Argentina and this dish is proof. Disfruta de la comida! (Enjoy your food).

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