Top 5 beaches in Argentina

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All along the eastern coast of Argentina are a plethora of beaches to choose from winauthen. Set on the Atlantic coast with beautiful blue water and white sandy beaches you can find the beach that suits your needs. From undeveloped, lonely, and hidden beaches to completely modern, urbanised, and shared by thousands of others, ready to party herunterladen. Whichever is your style, Argentina can accommodate. While there are enough beaches to chat about for days, check these top 5 beaches out to get a good taste wordpress datei herunterladen.


Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata is more like a grouping of beaches rather than just one. This is the second most visited city by tourists after Buenos Aires, so get ready to share these beaches with others 888poker downloaden. At La Perla Beach you can relax on one of the original slices of sand in the city. “The Pearl” of the Atlantic is home to many seaside resorts due to its easy beach access short cut herunterladen.

For a great viewpoint of the city and it’s magnificent beaches, head to Bristol Beach or Varese Beach. Both have excellent hotels and local food to munch on at any of the charming restaurants kinofilm downloaden. The southern beaches are for the cool and young crowd and are away from the city. For dramatic cliffs and wilderness areas, head to Escondida Beach.



Escape from the city and enter this well-known summer beach house vacation spot for locals and tourists alike srf sendungen herunterladen. The beaches are clean and the water is cool, so friends and families flock here to take a dip in these waters. If you’re up for something a bit more than just beaching it, this town has dunes you can rip through with your all-terrain vehicle ashampoo mp3 converter download kostenlos.

For more excitement, this beach is lined along a forest. So take off those flip-flops and put on some shoes and enjoy the wildlife and natural surroundings at the Carilo forest coco download. For a bite to eat and some shopping, the Paseo Epuyen offers charming shops and quaint restaurants.


Pehuen Co

An attractive southern coast beach awaits you here vshare download for free. Amongst a pine forest and a cluster of sand dunes, Pehuen Co is worth visiting for a few days of relaxation. Just 20km south of Monte Hermoso, this serene and small village can offer beautiful beaches and a quiet place to stay without many others in sight. There is horseback riding if you do fancy something a bit different but just basking under the sun is highly recommended here.


Villa Gesell

Beaches, nightlife and shopping. Do I need to say anymore? Villa Gesell is an easy beach getaway if you are in need of an emergency beach vacation from Buenos Aires. Here you are surrounded by a forest and a nature reserve to explore and there is also a lighthouse, craft market, a golf course, a zoo, and a plethora of discos. You might think you are still in the city until you look over at the nice beaches again.



This laid-back and friendly beach is popular with the budget crowds because it offers an expansive 74km long stretch of sand to enjoy without the exclusive and fancy price tag. Head west and you will find a slice of sand all to yourself. If you need a nice restaurant, a bit of shopping or any other modern day commodity just head to the centre, which is completely urbanised and has everything you need.

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