Top 10 things to do in Argentina

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There are certainly more than 10 things to do in Argentina, and it’s a shame to only feature these 10 here. Check out everything this interesting and intriguing country has to offer. This short list is only scraping the surface so be sure these are on your list and feel free to add on more along your travels mac mojave herunterladen.


1) Iguazu Falls – Bordering Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, is this magical site known as Iguazu Falls. One of the great natural world wonders and UNESCO World Heritage Site, this waterfall is impossible not to love. The falls are located mostly in Argentina, but great views are had from all three countries. Take a day to soak up this magical site and don’t go rushing through movies from ard mediathek legally. Each viewpoint offers a different perspective. Some viewpoints are “splash zones” so protect your valuables. There are opportunities for boat rides where you will be sure to get wet.


2) Glaciers & Andes Mountains – Shared between seven countries in South America, the Andes Mountain Range is the longest continental mountain range on Earth can beed from instagram pictures. It’s about 7,000km long and the highest peak is Mount Aconcagua at 6,962m above sea level. This mountain range also holds the world’s highest volcano’s. There is also the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Fitzroy Range in Los Glaciares National Park. Here are some of the largest ice caps in the world, and it is a magnet for those wanting to take on the challenging climb kostenlos lieder auf handy downloaden. Treks and hikes can be booked rather easily and can often be customised to your liking.


3) El Chaltén- This is your trekking epicentre. There are spectacular cliff vistas over Laguna Sucia as well as the Fitz Roy range in the distance on the Laguna de los Tres trail. Another path will lead you down to a lake at the base of Cerro Torre complete with glacier views and excellent viewpoints ipad app videosen. Most treks can be tackled even by a novice trekker. There are boat tours and horseback riding in the area as well.


4) Quebrada de Humahuaca– Although bordered by the Sub-Andean hills towards the east, this narrow valley offers some warmer weather should you be a little chilled after your glacier adventures. The small city of Humahuaca is reminiscent of Spanish colonial architecture and has a few buildings of interest. There is the Iglesia de la Candelaria y San Antonio a small cathedral dating back to the 17th century foto's van android naar mac. A few other churches worth checking out are Uquia and Yavi, and there is the ancient Amerindian fortress in Tilcara. This town is most known for it’s picturesque landscapes at Sierra de Siete Colores.


5) Puerto Madryn- If you have always wanted to waddle around with adorable penguins this is your chance. Head to Punta Tombo where you will be surrounded by thousands of them sendungen von orf tvtheken. If you want more wildlife in your life, then you can take a nice boat trip to see the charming small black and white Commerson’s dolphins. Just a bit southwest of this city is a sea lion reserve in Punta Loma along with some attractive beaches to enjoy along the way. Lastly, there are plenty of water sports to keep you busy during your visit such as wind and kite surfing, fishing, and diving.


6) Cave of the Hands (Cueva de las Manos) – Located in the Santa Cruz province, this mysterious and odd cave is one of a kind charm king spiel kostenlos herunterladen. Dating back thousands of years ago it’s thought that this cave used to be inhabited by the ancestors of the Tehuelche people, and has now become a World Heritage Site. The paintings that adorn the cave walls were made by bone pipes and paint a picture of a silhouetted hand, most of them being the left hand. There are other paintings in the cave such as geometric shapes and animals as well gratis kartenspiele herunterladen.


7) Talampaya National Park – Another UNESCO World Heritage Site for Argentina is this lovely paleontological and archaeological wonder. Here you can walk the terrain that dinosaurs did millions of years ago. Many of their fossils have been found in this region. The Talampaya gorge has impressive rock formations to show you, and there is a botanical garden at the ending point of the canyon coyo herunterladen.


8) Capilla del Monte – Crystal clear streams and rivers, extreme rock formations, and wildlife spotting can all be had here. This lovely village is an excellent stop over to take in more of Argentina’s nature. Wild foxes, puma and humming birds can be spotted in their natural environment. This spot is most famed for a small mountain called Cerro Uritorco, which is apparently, were many paranormal and UFO sightings have been spotted.


9) Peninsula Valdes – This wetland reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site offers epic wildlife spotting as well as adventure. Here you can gaze upon massive armadillos, seals, sea lions, whales, capybaras, tonnes of birds and more. Once you had your fill of animal spotting get your head straight for some extreme sports. This area is perfect for mountain biking, scuba diving and snorkelling, boat trips, and even sandboarding!


10) El Bolsón- If you are a true hippy at heart this town is for you. Besides the amazing trekking and outdoor activities offered like many of the cities and towns of Argentina, this town is something special. It has chilled hippy vibes oozing out of every corner. Drum circles, organic produce, music, and handicrafts can all be enjoyed here. Three times per week you can stroll through the central plaza and check out all of the cool local artwork on display and for sale. It’s the most famous artisan fair that Argentina offers.

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