How to find a cheap apartment for rent in Mexico

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If you are looking to rent an apartment in Mexico, but don’t want to pay high prices, I have some tips for you apps herunterladen windows 8.

First of all, forget searching online in English – that just doesn’t have any logic does it? The prices you find online when you search “Apartment for rent in Mexico” are prices for suckers like us – tourists, travellers, and holiday makers who don’t speak Spanish but want to stay a little while in Mexico flash version 9.0 kostenlos downloaden. Forget it.

Would you search for hotels in London in Chinese language? Of course not. If searching online is your only option, then search in Spanish – using my fantastic grasp of the Spanish language, I have deducted that the keyword is… wait for it… RENTA iphone images cannot beed. Yes, you are most welcome. Or, even better, a Spanish speaking website, vivastreet is a good source for finding apartments in Mexico for rent at good prices herunterladen.


What the real travellers do?

Now, if you are like me, and you are a traveller at heart, you could go all James Bond and just turn up in Mexico with nowhere to stay in the hope of finding something on the ground for a great price rock schnittmuster kostenlos downloaden. This option will get you the best deal – but like I said, you are running a risk of not finding anything and not having anywhere to stay at all. However, if you DO speak Spanish, you can negotiate and haggle on the ground for an apartment – one thing about Mexico, EVERYTHING is negotiable, really minecraft anmelden und herunterladen. You will be amazed at the prices you can find when you negotiate, a two bedroom apartment in Mexico for £350 per month? Ok maybe not the greatest condition apartment… but £350 – I used to spend £200 a month on trains in London huawei app herunterladen! Plus, if you are traveller at heart, it’s not like you will be spending much time in the apartment except for sleeping right?


The best possible scenario, ever dudelsackmusik kostenlos downloaden!

Ok, the best scenario for renting an apartment in Mexico? If you have a Mexican friend, I do, then get them to negotiate for you. Mexicans respond better to other Mexicans, you can get the best prices possible when you leave it to another Mexican to go in and get you a deal, all while you sit in Starbucks enjoying your coffee – great isn’t it super mario world für pc kostenlos downloaden. The reason for this, is that once they find out you are a foreign national looking to rent in Mexico, the automatic assumptions set in that you have plenty of money to spend, thus, prices go up, it happens all over the world windows 10 downloaden student.

But let’s be realistic, not everyone has a friend in Mexico, for how friendly Mexicans are, sometimes it can be difficult to find a Mexican friend. Maybe if you are looking to stay long term in Mexico, you can stay a few weeks in a cheap hotel in Mexico and make friends, remember, I said Mexicans are friendly.


Final Tips:

Ok so you really really want to rent an apartment in Mexico. It doesn’t have to be as hard as you think it is.

My final travel tips:apartment in condesa mexico

1)     Be confident – be assertive and confident when negotiating. No one is ever going to give a good deal to someone that they can’t even here.

2)     Do research – research is key. Like I said, the best scenario would be to stay in a hotel for a few days and look on the ground for that apartment in Mexico.

3)     Get a Spanish friend! Not as easy as it seems. But don’t worry – this is just an extra tip, you can do it without a Spanish speaking friend, you really can.

4)     Haggle! You are in Mexico, haggling is everything. I can’t remember the last time I paid the price I was quoted for something in Mexico. Haggle and you will receive.


I hope you enjoyed my travel guide to renting an apartment in Mexico. I love this place! Remember you can always leave me a message; I really do love to hear from you!

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