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Take a moment to think of France and I bet you that images of the Eiffel Tower, a little romance in Paris, sitting down to a gourmet dinner or a lazy day topping up the tan and star spotting on the Cote D’Azur may spring to mind musik mit handy downloaden. Whatever tickles your fancy you can find it in France!

See my travel guide to the top 5 cities worth visiting and just a few of the many reasons why:



Paris in France

Paris is known as the world’s most romantic capital city and often referred to as “La Ville Lumiere” or “City of Light” phonto schriftartenen. A large, modern city with heaps of attractions and a character all of its own, there are so many must see’s and do’s in Paris that it’s undoubtedly our number one choice of location to visit when in France herunterladen. Paris is known as a style capital and home to many world famous designers and artisans. From Paris’s architecture and wealth of historic sites, to its modern urban buildings and vibrant array of art galleries, museums and street performers, the city and its people are alluring skype sicher herunterladen. Built on the banks of the River Seine there is plenty to see and do for everyone –  The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and the Arc De Triomphe to name just a few netzwerkcontroller herunterladen. Paris is certainly a must see city in France and is even rated near the top of our all-time must visit cities globally.



The architecturally rich and culturally colourful city of Lyon is classed a UNESCO World Heritage site and is the third largest city in France minecraft kostenlosen linux. A city of significant historic importance, it boasts more than 30 museums, many wonderful statues and monuments and some fabulous accommodation options arte videos herunterladen. Lyon will appeal to all those looking for a blend of style, relaxation and culture. It is famed for its food and has countless decent restaurants suiting all tastes and budgets -try local dishes like ‘petit sale’ (lentils and ham) and ‘cervelle de canuts’ (soft cheese with herbs) or, if self-catering, shop in one of the local markets and whip yourself up a lunchtime feast of local ham and crusty French baguette alexa amazon app herunterladen!



Another of Frances UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the sheer beauty of Avignon will astound you. The picture perfect medieval streets and ramparts, the wonderful Palace of the Popes and the Pont D’Avignon really are phenomenal sights and a joy to the eyes windows xp disk images (iso-files). Undoubtedly one of Frances most attractive and best preserved cities, it enchants its visitors with no end of attractions. From its excellent shopping, restaurants and nightlife, to its famed Festival of Dance, Music and Theatre each summer, mark Avignon as a must see city on any trip to France powerpoint 2003 free.



As one of the most famous wine producing regions in the world, Bordeaux is a must visit for all those who enjoy savouring a glass or two of really good vino. A large and sophisticated city in the south-west, it is brimming with stunning 18th century neoclassical architecture, wide elegant streets, cast iron balconies and homes no end of great restaurants and hotels. Although the city is divided into districts and quarters, it is fairly easily explored on foot and with the help of local transport. Highlights include art galleries and museums, excellent shopping and trips out to local vineyards.



A thriving and modern university city located between the river Loire and Cher, Tours is known as the “Jardin De La France” or Garden of France when literally translated. It is said that the people from Tours speak the purest form of French and that Tours is one of the most captivating and alluring cities in France. Spend a few days exploring and you are unlikely to run out of things to do – visit one of the regions castles like Langeais or Chenonceau, stop off for a little Vouvray wine or walk through the old town “Le Vieux Tours” and marvel at the medieval half-timbered houses. Tours will impress you, it’s not a place that features heavily in many travel guides, but I think it is certainly worthy of the credit in the travel blog.

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