Jean and James travelling from Melbourne – interview

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Jean and James travelling from Melbourne – interview

1. Introduce yourself – Where are you from? Where in the world are you currently?

Jean & James from Melbourne Australia. Currently in Melbourne drinking coffee, mountain bike riding and generally loving life with our two rescue dogs!


2. Tell us about your first trip abroad? What first attracted you to a life abroad?

My first trip abroad was a school trip from Melbourne to Japan microsoft office voor mac downloaden. I went to a low-fee paying school. So private but not uber exclusive. They vainly tried to get our image to look more impressive than what it was. So they paired up sister schools in Japan. I had a choice between two weeks touring Japan, with a one week homestay or 10 days in New Zealand, which I think included skiing and at that stage I was a winter hater.

The basic trip itself was stock standard. Group of teenagers, a few teachers rushing around on tour. Cramming a lot into a little time. We saw some touristy things and ate some odd food, brought alcohol from the vending machines on the street herunterladen.

It was the time alone that started to peak my interest in life abroad. The home stay experience really attracted me to living a life abroad. I was fortunate enough to stay with an all female house. 3 generations of strong minded Japanese women. In the short time I was there the family treated me as if I was on of their own. We did normal family stuff together. As a child of two shift working parents, it was a novelty to me to eat breakfast and dinner with an entire family herunterladen. The small rituals from meals to bathing were so easy to be involved in and understand.


3. What kind of traveller are you? Backpacker? Long-term traveller? Short term? Other?

Luxury backpacker. We happily stay in hostels but as a couple we generally opt for a private room. Mainly short term for the time being. Financial restrictions!

 Jean and James travelling from Melbourne   interview


4 audible willkommensgeschenke herunterladen. How do you fund yourself when travelling?

Cash only. I don’t have a credit card at all. So if I can’t afford it, I don’t get it. I work and play really hard to save up enough money to fund my travels. I try and prebook some things in advance, or at least have an accurate idea of how much things are going to cost so I can budget appropriately.


5. Your favourite place you have been to? And why?

This was the hardest question to answer. I love so many places for so many different reasons herunterladen. In Europe I love Prague. It’s just a beautiful city to be in. It’s affordable (for now) and easy to get around at all times of day/night. The people are friendly. The food is amazing and the beer is too! And I’m not a beer drinker.


6. Your least favourite place you have been to? And why?

Oktoberfest, Munich. Ok let me clarify, our experience was a comedy of errors. A poorly written comedy. A lack of preparation and reliance on others lead to a disaster herunterladen. We had taken the bus from Prague to Munich. Our first nights accommodation was literally miles and miles from the city. It was out at the old Olympic Equestrian Centre. In tents. In foot deep mud.

The camp site was run by Air BnB and was more like a party site, then accommodation. It was the only time that I’ve been trying to sleep and truly felt unsafe. Heading to our designated tent we watched a lot of people fall onto tents. There were lots of other small issues too. Hot water hadn’t been turned on vlc player mac herunterladen. Being a Sunday morning there wasn’t a shuttle bus to Oktoberfest site. Which the campsite discovered when we were waiting for the bus.

When we finally got to our next campsite, dropped off bags and got into a tent it wasn’t all bad news. Until a couple of steins were smashed over my hands. There’s nothing quite like looking down and finding that your hands have been sliced up with chunks of glass. We rushed off to get some first aid and were promptly booted out of the tent! Ironically, as a non-beer drinker, I was probably the most sober person around klassisches mahjong kostenlos herunterladen.


7. What advice would you give to other people looking to travel?

Just do it. You do have time and you do have the money. You just need to creatively explore your options.

 Jean and James travelling from Melbourne   interview


8. What is left on your bucket list for you to accomplish/see?

I don’t believe in bucket lists. I’m not ready to start planning for my death gemälde herunterladen. There are so many things that I want to see and do. The top of the To-See-List is a return to Cambodia/Vietnam, Nepal, Morocco, Peru… I would love to be able to return to the Tumartumari, a village in the jungles of Guyana to visit the community that I lived in.


9. When did you start your blog? Why should people read it?

I didn’t start my blog to make money. So many people seem to start a blog and expect it to make them all the moneys. The Traveling Honeybird is an open and honest account of what you can do if you want to. Long travel, slow travel, short term travel. It’s all travel and all achievable herunterladen. We don’t sugar coat much at The Traveling Honeybird. All our gear reviews, even sponsored posts, have a clear and honest discussion.


10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Still travelling around enjoying life. Maybe married, maybe not!


11. What is the biggest difference to life at home compared to life abroad?

Our life at home and whilst overseas doesn’t really change too much. We still eat, sleep drink and repeat. There’s always plenty of good food, coffee, drinks and friends to be found. The surroundings might change but we don’t!


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