What to do when you are bored in an airport

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I hate airports herunterladen.

I hate the waiting waiting waitng, I hate the long process of queue after queue, just like many – I just dislike airports!

I was once stuck at Houston International Airport for 14 hours waiting for a connection flight, with no money, and not much to do – it is safe to say I was very bored windows 7 ultimate 64 bit iso german free!

Here are some tips on how to avoid being ridiculously bored while waiting at an airport:

  • Enjoy the scenario – you will be surprised at the amount of tearful reunions and goodbyes that you can see at an airport means. This can actually be quite time consuming to watch, albeit a little nosy…


  • Hello, go for it. Talk to that perfect stranger mit iphone youtube musik downloaden. Not everyone is as antisocial as the world seems to make out. Go, talk to people, people can be friendly and open, as long as you are not asking them about their old girlfriend from high school… keep the conversation friendly and creative, as long as you can hold a conversation, you’ll be surprised at the friendships that can be struck over a few hours of waiting for a connection flight herunterladen.


  • Take a walk. Airports can be huge, real huge. Taking a walk from one terminal to another, seeing what is around, can take huge amounts of time off your boring wait for a flight vlc player free chip.


  • Shop. If you have the cash that is. I have a habit of buying the local football team’s shirt at each airport I go to, which I end wearing once and then never again skydrive herunterladen. But hey, it saves me a hell of a lot of time.


  • Eat. I love to eat. Eating at the airport isn’t exactly the same as a restaurant close to a beach, but when I’m hungry, I will eat anything nero startsmart gratisen. Some airports have some nice food but be prepared to pay.


  • Wi-Fi access. If the airport offers free Wi-Fi access and if you have a laptop – use it doom herunterladen! Skype your loved ones at home, send a few messages on Facebook. The best way to save time while at an airport – plus it helps me update this thing. Not bad eh herunterladen.


Well that’s it for now, I am writing this as I am waiting for a flight and what do you know… my flight is one hour away so I better get ready.

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  • TravelAccessoryStore says:

    I agree that talking to strangers can be something fun to do to pass the time. I like going to the international terminal and talking to people from far off countries. Often times this is the only way I get to practice my Japanese language skills. It’s a great thing to pass the time!

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