Craig – filmmaker and photographer on travel

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Craig – filmmaker and photographer on travel

Introduce yourself – Where are you from? Where in the world are you currently?

Hi, I’m Craig, a twenty-something blogger, adventurer, photographer and amateur filmmaker from Gloucestershire, UK.

Having grown up in a small village, the kind where virtually nobody leaves, I’ve always felt the need to get out and see the world but it wasn’t until aged 19 that I actually got out of the country to do some real travelling urkunden programm kostenlosen. It was this trip that ignited my passion for travel.


2. Tell us about your first trip abroad? What first attracted you to a life abroad?

Technically, my first trip abroad was a family holiday to the Balearic Island of Menorca as a spotty faced teenager, sneaking off from my parents to get served Jack & Coke from the local barman (which is actually quite odd now I think about it…)!

But I define my first real trip abroad as the month I spent backpacking around Europe with a best mate just before I went to university kostenlose offline spiele herunterladen. It was this trip that opened my eyes to the plethora of amazing sights, sounds and experiences to be had away from the comfort of home.



3. What kind of traveller are you? Backpacker? Long-term traveller? Short term? Other?

So far I’ve been a fusion of backpacker/short-term traveller. Bar the month in Europe, all of my other trips have been less than two weeks in duration. That said, it’s my dream to do some long-term travelling and it’s something that I’ll be doing in the near future herunterladen!


4. How do you fund yourself when travelling?

Predominantly through savings before I go. I’m notoriously bad at saving money and I haven’t had any luck on the lottery as of yet, which is probably part of the reason I’ve not done any long-term travel.

My upcoming adventure will be part funded through savings and the rest through a working holiday visa. Beyond that I hope to hustle my way around the world, sort of like Di Caprio in Catch Me If You Can but without the criminal activity herunterladen!


5. Your favourite place you have been to? And why?

This is a tough one as I’ve genuinely enjoyed an aspect of every place I’ve been to, however I have to say my favourite place so far is Interlaken, Switzerland.

Interlaken is like the extreme sports capital of Europe and it helps that it’s stunningly beautiful too. I did some crazy things there including Canyoning and an epic rope swing but I equally loved hiking in the mountains and kayaking on the lakes.

It’s also probably the smallest place in the world that has a Hooters restaurant video ard mediatheken!



6. Your least favourite place you have been to? And why?

Hmmm, probably Belgrade, Serbia.

I don’t know what is was about the city, I just didn’t feel comfortable there. I was only there for a few days so maybe I didn’t give it enough time but out of all the places I’ve been to I’d say it was my least favourite herunterladen.


7. What advice would you give to other people looking to travel?

It’s probably a bit cliched but just go for it!

You can spend a lifetime researching, planning and waiting for the perfect circumstances to go on a trip but in reality all you need to do is just go and be open to whatever happens.

If there’s one major piece of advice I’d give, it’s that something will inevitably go wrong at some point on your trip 4k player for free. Be humble, be open and just roll with the punches after all, you could be stuck at home!



8. What is left on your bucket list for you to accomplish/see?

Ah man, way too many things! My bucket list is ever evolving from reading travel blogs to hearing recommendations from fellow travellers. One thing that’s a “must-do” for me though is to visit New Zealand. It just seems like my kind of place!

I also have an unofficial goal to visit 50 countries before I turn 50 deutsche kinderlieder mp3 download kostenlos. I’m currently 28 and have been to 20 so I’ll continue to work on that..


9. When did you start your blog? Why should people read it?

I started my first blog some years back but never really put the time or effort into it so it fizzled out. My current blog was set up in September 2013.

I leave for Australia in a week for my first long-term travel experience herunterladen. My whole trip will be documented in posts on my blog as well as regular YouTube videos. I welcome you all to join me on my adventure!



10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Hopefully still living the dream!

In all honesty, I don’t know. I’ve always sort of lived in the moment and never really thought too far ahead. I’d like to think that I will continue to develop my writing, photography and filmmaking skills and turn my passion for travel into a career word kostenlos deutsch vollversion windows 7.


11. What is the biggest difference to life overseas compared to life at home?

For me it’s the sense of freedom.

At home, I feel a bit stifled and the majority of my friends and peers are at the point in their lives where they’re settling down. When I’m away, I’m surrounded by likeminded people and always find new inspiration to continue to see the world. I love it!

Twitter: @ManAndHisBlog


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