Best food in Turkey

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Best food in Turkey

Noshing on Turkish cuisine might be the thing you miss most when you are packing up to go home. So before you leave, you must try some of their most famous, and of course scrumptious dishes. Don’t leave these off your table when visiting Turkey!



It would probably be a sin if this was not the first on the list. Who doesn’t know kebabs? They are being sold worldwide now and can be found in most countries nowadays. The huge thick and juicy chunk of meat that is being slowly turned and grilled to perfection while it rotates on a stick is certainly a palate pleaser. Slap this perfectly cooked lamb or beef meat between some pita to make it a sandwich wrap, add some sauce, veggies maybe. There is tons of stuff to add but you can enjoy it as is if you want to as well.



This dish is made of minced meat placed in the middle of a specially prepared dough. After being boiled at a high temperature it’s topped with traditional yogurt. It’s a delightful snack or side dish to any meal.



Stemming from the word ‘dolmak’ which translates to “to be filled,” this yummy dish is an all in one type dish. They take vegetables such as peppers, eggplants, zucchini, or most popularly, grape leaves and they stuff them with a variety of things such as vegetables, meat, or even nuts and raisin mixtures. Then, it’s stuffed into the vegetables of choices and baked to make the perfect little “all-in-one” meal. It’s often topped with a yoghurt sauce as well.


Pilav and Fried Vegetables

These are two popular side dishes. Pilav comes in many ways but generally it’s plain rice with some herbs, vegetables, or meat such as eggplant chickpeas, or beef. The spices often mixed with it are thyme, cumin, and sometimes almonds.

Fried vegetables explain themselves and the veggies most often used are eggplants, green peppers, and zucchini. They are topped with a  tomato based yogurt sauce.



I know what you’re thinking- give me dessert already! Well, this is perhaps the sweetest one of them all, baklava. Flaky layers of phyllo dough, nuts, and honey make this a textural and satisfying little dessert. So you better save some room after that big dinner!


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