7 Items Every Traveller Needs to Pack in their Suitcase

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7 Items Every Traveller Needs to Pack in their Suitcase

Getting ready to hit the road and already filled several suitcases? This is the guide for you. Whether a first time traveller heading to new Delhi or a seasoned road junkie off for a weekend hiking in the Spanish hills, there are certain things you need in your bag every time herunterladen. Travellers tend to come in two types – there are those that will strap guide books, flashlights and malaria pills to their utility belt and there are those that will grab their wallet, a spare pair of socks and head out the door. Suffice to say both kinds will come up against a brick wall and realise they have forgotten something essential. You don’t want to leave home empty handed but nor do you want to lost beneath the weight of your backpack at the Taj Mahal ps now play download pc.

Now you may think it’s smart to fill your bag with duty free booze, t-shirts and books entitled ‘how to pick up a date in any country’ but really this is only going to get you so far and with a hangover to boot. Sure power adapters, wet wipes and collapsible water bottles may sound about as exciting as a weekend at grandmas but you are going to be so glad that you read this article xampp kostenlos deutsch. The best thing is none of these items take up too much space, add any weight and won’t get you arrested, robbed or otherwise inconvenienced.

Take a look at these 7 items that every traveller needs to pack in their suitcase…


  1. A day bag

Unless you want to haul your gigantazoid backpack or wheelie case across the city streets then a day bag will be the best travel buddy you ever find. Yes way better than that drunken Chilean who introduced you to tequila slammers and hitch-hiking. With a day bag you can chuck in your iPad, spare jumper and water bottle and hit the streets feeling as light as a feather whilst your suitcase enjoys a nice sleep back at the hostel herunterladen.


  1. A hat

Yeah yeah hats are for half-baked celebrities and five year old children but they are also a lifesaver when it comes to keeping the Mediterranean sun of your noggin. Unless you want to develop sun stroke and enjoy five days bent over the toilet bowl then you need one good sunhat in your bag, believe me traipsing round the pyramids in Egypt will be a lot more enjoyable with your own portable piece of shade frauen bilder herunterladen.


  1. A multi tool

From uncorking cheap French vino under the Eiffel Tower to cutting your mangled tent free from a tree branch, the mulltitool is another must have item for hardy travellers. Of course a weekend in Cannes doesn’t really require Swiss army prowess but for those heading further afield you will certainly find your mulltitool a lifesaver dune herunterladen.


  1. An EBook

Book purists are sure to scoff and bang on about the pleasures of igniting the senses with the scent and touch of actual pages and whilst I agree I also don’t want to carry around a bag of bricks. EBooks are light, affordable and brimming with space which means you can carry a whole bookshop at your fingertips. Ignore the naysayers and chill out on the beach with an endless lightweight supply of books whilst your travel companion physically and metaphorically wrestles with the weight of War and Peace vimeo stream downloaden.


  1. A laundry bag

Oh the joys of hitting a border and having to sheepishly show your six week old underwear to customs. A laundry bag is a joyous thing and the best invention man has ever made. It’s time for class separation of clothes so that your only fancy dinner top doesn’t have to associate with your hiking socks netflix auf laptop herunterladen mac. Dirty clothes are a bad influence and it’s time to lock down those bad guys in a neat, squishy and smell containing laundry bag rather than being hit in the face with every body odour imaginable every time you unzip your suitcase…


  1. Flip Flops

Flip flops are a bit like wearing shoes without wearing shoes and the best thing is that you won’t suffer from stinky feet at the end of the day which is something your travel companions will thank the gods for. Those staying in hostels that couldn’t earn a star if they shot down the universe can also avoid having to get a tetanus shot by wearing flip flops in the shower herunterladen. Flip flops are also great for monsoon season otherwise you could be stuck in Thailand for years waiting for your shoes to dry. Note to self; flip flops are not good for wearing to fancy dinner restaurants or when trekking the jungle, they really don’t look good paired with a suit and snakes can easily taste your ankles.


  1. The microfiber towel

If you have been travelling before and know the feeling of having to dry yourself with your only spare pair of shorts then you will be in heaven with the microfiber towel netflix auf windows herunterladen. Perfect for jumping out of the pool, mopping up spillages, and in places where you couldn’t find a towel come hell or high water. The best thing about these delightful little beauties is that they shrink down to nothing. This means that you don’t have to try and stuff your jumbo beach towel in your day bag, you don’t have to worry about sitting in the sun for several hours waiting for your mammoth cotton towel to dry and you don’t need to lug it around the world with you. These are the ultimate in travel towels and well worth the investment.


So there you have it, 7 incredibly dull but terribly useful items that deserve pride of place in your suitcase and make your life easier. Without a doubt you will be grateful for the advice when you need to open a bottle of wine in a thunderstorm. Happy travelling campers!

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